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Revolutionize your coin care with precision cleaning. Every coin shines brighter, reflecting its true value. The future of coin maintenance is here

Our Laundry Products

  • Coin Operated Top Load Washing Machine
  • Coin Operated Front Load Washing Machine
  • Coin Operated Blanket Washing Machine
  • Coin Operated Dryer
  • Stacked Coin Operated Washer & Dryer
  • Coin Acceptors
  • Coin Counting Meter
  • Coin Counting Machine
  • Card Operated Washing Machine
  • Stand for Washing Machine

Our Coin Boxes

Coin operated machine units are equipped with easy coin slide access and high capacity coin vaults that hold many more coins.

There are some redeeming factors

We Provide High Quality Goods

7 kg Coin Operated Front Load Dryer.

Our coin-operated front load washers for apartments are energy-efficient and reduce operating costs with low water usage and high-speed extraction. Tenants will love Speed Queen’s fast cycle times that get the wash done quickly and large washtubs to handle even the biggest loads. Check out our available equipment for more details. 

Energy Saving and Water Saving

Smart Diagnosis

Inverter Technology

7 kg Gross Capacity

LED Display

Delay Start

8 kg Coin Operated Washing Machine

This collection covers many options to meet our customers’ different needs when it comes to coin operated washing and dryers. If you clicked on any of the products and read the technical specifications, you will have seen that our entire range operates by using the most advanced technology and high-performance design. The result is coin operated laundry equipment that provides unrivalled productivity, energy efficiency and quality in washing and drying

coin operated Front-load Dryer

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